Minnisota: Red Hot Labor Market

Welcome to Mankato, Minn., home to one of the tightest labor markets in the nation.
A little over an hour south of Minneapolis, construction companies, retailers, even Ice Cream Scoopers are being flown in from Texas and Puerto Rico.
$17 an hour…The tight labor market has created an entirely new wage floor, far above the state’s minimum of $8.42 an hour,
After twenty years of race to the bottom for hourly workers earning a pittance, it’s a new experience for labor.


“When we were trying to hire last year, just like everybody else, we’d get a candidate in, make a great offer, and then their employer would counter with some ridiculous amount,” said Valerie Bentdahl, director of human resources at Jones Metal.

Wages have grown so much in leisure and hospitality throughout Minnesota that they have outpaced inflation these past two years, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Labor Day has finally come to fruition for workers in a tight labor market.