Misreading the Russian people

Below! My comment the Russian people are the ultimate in cynical. There is no real love for Putin. Half of the perceived threat he sees from the west is an excuse to purge Russians. That is not lost of the Russians. Those who could have fled already. With huge losses of men and materials in Ukraine there is a tipping point the Kremlin will fall. We will push that button for Russia to be successful after the failed Putin.

Yes I am saying expanding the Russian borders at all Crimea and others prior is a failed leader. Someone totally unfit in our modern world. Does not matter if he dredges up Russian history. He is a failure.


Putin’s existential framing of the war allows the 70-year-old Kremlin chief to gird the Russian people for a much more deeper conflict while it also allows him much greater freedom in the types of weapons he could one day use.