MNMD calls would gracie slick invest?

Just happened to have the tv on at the right time and heard about MNMD. Options are available on this company and the $9 calls seemed be trading at a pretty good premium. So maybe a buy/write trade?
I know nothing about the company. And have no desire to try the product. I tried expanding my mind once in 1970, which was ok in the beginning, but then I put the White Album on the turntable, plugged in the stereo headphones. When Helter Skelter played, things went south real quick. Before the tune was half over, I knew that was not for me. But just like folks who came to like oxytoxin too much, maybe enough others will become customers of MNMD.

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HAHA…sad about the bad trip there, kinda. As for MNMD they have been around for a while. I heard about it from a younger guy who is still trying to find the moonshots, but the story was intriguing enough for me to look into.

They are working on legal research into therapies that can help with PTSD and other issues that impact the human psyche, not the brain, but what we think inside our brains. This is work that has been going on since the 60’s, so it all gets lumped into hippy dippy free love, but that is not what is going on here.

I like the company/idea enough that I have it on my watch list for a long time, just to keep an eye on the space.

The prices seem stable enough, so I am surprised to hear there are good premiums, I will have to look into today. It was caught up in the marijuana hype and got prices way out into stratosphere for a while.

This would be a good option choice for my style. I only run new options on companies I like enough that it wouldn’t be the end of the world to end up with shares. Also, after watching them for some time I get a feel for the hype/news that moves it a bit so I feel that I could flip them for a Call if I needed/wanted too.

LOT’s of other company news in my head, but too much for this options thought/post.

Good find, thanks for the reminder on this one.

edit - I just looked and recalled why I do not have options on this company yet, they only trade monthly, so there are no weekly options here. Those tend to tie my money up for too long (for me) so I would have to remember to get the options set up a week or two out from next expiration and I tend to be too lazy for that amount of work, lol. Good luck.

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