Hello - Anyone talking options on free boards?

I have been part of the Options program at MF in the past, I have since been following both the RB options and SA options boards for a few years.
Now that I am a #disgruntledsubscriberwhoquit I am wondering if there are decent options discussions out here in the free world.
I have a bunch of options expiring this week, as of today they mostly all moved out of the money (whew), but it would be nice to find others in this part of MF.

Current options:
Calls - DDOG, ETSY, NET, S
Puts - S

This has been a way for me to kinda dollar cost average my prices as this whole bear trough of a market has run on. Making ok returns, but at this point only running VERY short expirations which contrasts with the MF philosophy.

Only had to roll a few over the last year, but market always falls again so I do not have to get assigned…fingers crossed.


Options are an “optional” topic on the well-attended Macroeconomic Trends and Risks Board (METAR), along with all investments (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.). Captaincs discusses his options trades.

You are welcome to join.