Modem/router to buy

I want to buy a new modem/router so I can have DOCSIS 3.1, which Mediacom says I need to take advantage of their higher speeds now.
They gave a list of these modems that are compatible:

My question is, what is the difference between the large range of prices? For the Netgear ones, what is better, if anything, between a $150 one and a $450 one?! All on the list are DOCSIS 3.1, so can take advantage of the higher speed. So what else could be better about the more expensive ones?


The modem side is one part of it, the router side the other. How much variation is there on the modem side? That would require digging into the specs, but my guess is not a lot, or just two levels.

That would mean most of the price difference is on the router side. Personally I wouldn’t want to invest in a modem with an expensive router built in. If I want an expensive router that is what I will buy. Routers are a much more competitive product line than modem/routers. Competitive, and evolving. I invested in a good router that worked at my old house where the phone company was the ISP. When I moved it worked at my new house where the cable company is the ISP. I upgraded to a mesh router/WiFi here. Keeping the modem and router functions separate makes the most sense to me. Of course you probably can’t find a modem-only unit, but it is easy to simply ignore the router feature and use your own.

So I suggest concentrating on the modem specs, then choosing something reasonably priced that meets your modem needs.

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What makes a router better? In other words, functionally speaking, what does a good router do that a lousy router doesn’t do as well? I’m not a techie.
Does both the modem and the router speed up Internet access?

The main difference among routers these days is WiFi. The cable modem I rent has WiFi built in. The router I brought from the other house has WiFi, but the reach within the house is far better. The WiFi reach of the mesh system I replaced it with is better still. And there are better mesh WiFi systems than what I bought.

At one time there might have been issues with ethernet speed too, 100 mbps vs 1 gbps. I pay my ISP for 500, so 100 would be really bad, but I’m not sure there is anything on the market these days that stops at 100.

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The reason I’m buying a new one (mine works still) is Medicom says they are now using 1 gig and to use that I need a DOCSIS 3.1.
I wonder if it will really make a noticeable difference.

Try running a speed test before and after. Maybe you will see a difference, maybe not. I use the Speedtest app, but it looks like it is possible to use their web page.

I pay my cable company for 500 Mbps. I just ran the app and got 604 down. Upload is only 10.69, but I don’t upload very much.

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