Mom where does inflation come from?

Why rich people of course.

My theory…and probably a factor of more than 80% concerning where inflation comes from.

The monetary policy, read the FED, buying bonds is giving wealthy people money for so so investment returns. That money is very inflationary.

Yep I am bucking the give a guy or gal $15 and see what happens in hell? Not pure nonsense but not the real money. And if it is not the major money it does not create the major inflation.

You can say the wealthy do not spend all of their money. That becomes even more of a reason for inflation. Producers see the money that can be made with higher prices and know the pricing is not a burden for the wealthy. That their clans of relatives rich or not ride the gravy trains. The managers ride the gravy train. The money flows through their corporations. But yes their bank accounts do not get dented. That undented bank account is an invitation for inflation as I am saying.

The working classes? Sure if someone was making $11 and five years later is making $15 I guess you could say his rent went up as much or more. I guess his better off land lord though is the one creating the inflation.

Taxing the wealthy at higher rates is the best way to cut inflation.

While low interest rates and fiscal policy are great ways to get GDP growth.