Monaco and Switzerland are in..

Monaco and Switzerland are in on Russia sanctions. This may be bigger than it seems.


That happened March 1.

Not that I know a lot about this, but I get the feeling this was one of the most interesting pieces of investment related news (re Russian invasion of Ukraine) in the last day:…
Goldman Sachs shutters Russia business, first major Wall Street bank to leave after Ukraine war

And it might be easier to find which companies are NOT abandoning sales in Russia:…
The Western firms that have not cut Russia ties over Ukraine
Hundreds of companies have announced plans to suspend or halt operations over war in Ukraine, but some are still doing business.

Take Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo, which drew negative attention after the CEO of its parent company told the Nikkei newspaper in a story published on Tuesday that the reason to keep nearly 50 Russian stores open was that: “clothing is a necessity of life”. By Thursday, Uniqlo said it would close the stores.

“There’s potentially a big downside of companies to be on the wrong side of this,” Lovely said.

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