Money saved in an expensive life

We live in a rather costly Old People’s Home, so that may not seem LBYM on this board, but we are very happy. This weekend was an example of how we actually save money by living here…

FRIDAY night was a concert downstairs in our huge auditorium/community area which has one of the grand pianos and a nice stage, good sound system and seating for perhaps 350 people for a concert.

It was full, and we had a wonderful professional pianist giving a concert and lots of information on the Boogie Woogie music, and jazz from the 20’s and 30’s. Free…no parking problems, just two minutes down the hall and two floors down on the elevator.No cost.

SATURDAY was the big Lunar concert.We have more than 100 Asian residents here…out of our 800 residents. The area was decorated with lovely red Chinese lanterns and wall hangings. I was in two of the Chinese choirs…(maybe I’m a token Caucasian but I take the Chinese classes and love singing) and we were of course all in red blouses with black skirts, or white shirts, red scarves and black pants for the guys. But there was also a group of 16 dancers in fabulous costumes from San Francisco, a professional solo dancer, a quartet of zither players for Chinese music, and then soloists and duets from our residents.No cost.

SUNDAY afternoon members of the local Opera company visited for the afternoon to give samples of their work…they are doing “Otello” in two weeks, and they came to give us a preview…
Professional opera singers, great accompanist, just over an hour, just two minutes down the hall and two floors in the elevator…No cost.

SUNDAY NIGHT an excellent film in the cinema downstairs if I choose to go. No cost.No parking problems. Everyone masked as usual in all these events…different film every day.

I feel very fortunate.


That’s great!

In most OPH’s, local music schools and dance schools visit, putting on performances in the dining room, where the tables have been pushed aside. No stage, so only those in the front row have a good view.

The 10-year-olds are cute, of course, but still…
I like your OPH better, and I’m LBMM now so I can afford a place like yours later.


We live in a rather costly Old People’s Home, so that may not seem LBYM on this board, but we are very happy.

Remember that LBYM isn’t about finding cheap stuff. It’s about finding value.


How wonderful that you are enjoying life in your “old folk’s home.”

Wishing you many more happy, healthy year.

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I hope you will feel as lucky as we do…yeah for LBMM!


Thanks for your good wishes, Wendy.
(Hope your health is OK)


There is a REASON for doing the LBYM thing, all thru life.

When you get to the enjoyment phase, it requires a shifting of gears.


We’ve had to shift those gears, too.

Congrats on where you are, AND ENJOY!!!