OT: Smiling this morning

I am watching the performance of Joni Mitchell with Brandi Carlile and Friends at the recent Newport Folk Festival. There is a playlist of it but I can’t find a way to post a link to it. You can Google it if you are interested.


A few months ago I drove up to Montana and picked up my two sons. Went to Spokane to see Dylan’s opening show on this tour. Many old people like me. Some with walkers and canes. They and Bob rocked out.

Figured out how to do the link.


The first 12 are from the concert.

Many old people like me

Had a similar experience with a Righteous Brothers reunion concert in Westbury, NY.

Husband asked where all these old folk were going as they streamed/shuffled across the parking lot. Obviously, it wasn’t a few months…or even years…ago. Was actually the late 1990s.

In the middle of covid and tour cancelations Bob got new musicians together to do old songs. On a soundstage and scripted one got the feel of a cafe in Paris in the 30’s. Inspiration for this is Daniel Lanois. Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind.



"Many old people like me. "

Went and seen Bonnie Raitt last Saturday. I am old, and I was one of the youngest there, lol.
No alcohol sold at the venue, it was the best behaved concert I have ever attended. Bonnie
Raitt was great, she sounds the same live as she does on her albums. It was an outdoor show
under a pavilion roof, right on a beautiful lake. Had a light breeze coming in off the lake, and later into the show, as it turned dark, lightning and light rain ( no thunder ) started up, it actually added to the beauty of the setting.


Oh those nights at the Fillmore East with Bonnie and Lowell George.



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As I get (gulp…) older, it’s interesting to see how different “stars” famous when I was younger have evolved with the times. It becomes readily apparent which performers were in the entertainment business because

a) they had a genuine talent, they had something to say, they liked entertaining others, or they just liked the buzz from putting themselves on the spot to PERFORM something in front of others with no backsies, no auto-tune, no “tricks”


b) they were in it for the fame, the chicks, the money, etc.

The people in category (b) don’t show up very often nowadays and when they do, it’s depressing as all git-out.

The people in category (a) can still bring a crowd of thousands to their feet or stop time entirely. Isn’t that what the arts are really about?



I was glad that she didn’t perform “Slouching Toward Bethlehem.” It is too close to home.