Mongo DB summary

other parts of this site can be used to compare Mongo with other data bases

ranks #5 overall data base in popularity ,#1 in its category ,here called Document Store.
Note the very long list of programming languages that can be used.
Clearly Mongo is in the lead, the main issue for future expansion may be the TAM for non SQL. But whatever that limit is, it’s likely a lot more than we see today
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No mauser96, it’s a good question, what is the TAM of document stores?


This site has been cited a number of times. One has to be cautious about over interpreting it since “popularity” is based on web searches of citations, jobs, mentions, etc. … not on actual use. If a product has a strong community of its own such that the bulk of mentions are within that community and not on general boards, it may be widely used and popular in the community, and yet dramatically underrepresented here if they aren’t searching the web pages of that community. Likewise, one can have products which are attracting a lot of interest because they are new or “cool” or whatever, but few people are actually using the product for real work. I think Mongo probably deserves its position, but one should be careful about thinking that this rating is something other than what it really is.


what is the TAM of document stores?

This is actually an unanswerable question since it is undoubtedly the case that most of the applications for which document stores will be used have not yet been implemented.