Mongo - Did I miss some news?

Did I miss some bad news on Mongo? All the news that I heard is that Amazon announced that they will no longer be fighting Mongo. Did any of you read anything that would have accounted for its drop in the last seven trading days, or had it simply run up too far, and was taking a rest? Not worrisome, but strange…


I saw no news, but for 2 days, all the SaaS had significant pullbacks.

I’ve seen so many dives in the same hours that I am inclined to see it as a bigger sell of at the end of the month. TTD, OKTA, CROWD, SHOP, SQ, TWLO, ZS etc… all show a very similar pattern in the day curve. Some already bounced back, some didn’t as rapidly. Did not find any (reliable/relevant) news in any source that would explain this. Except some hedge funds bringing in their profits?


A quick scan at my Yahoo iPhone stocks it shows MDB up about 1% more than any of the others I own.


Who shouldn’t have trimmed his ENPH by a third.


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This is what I have seen on my broker’s website.

Mongo Shareholders vote in favour of investor review of Executive Pay (July 12, 2019, MT Newswire)
Mongo DB dropped more than 2% after shareholders at its annual meeting overwhelmingly voted to review the compensation paid each year to its named executive officers on a non-binding advisory basis.
The article goes on to say:
More than 120 million shares were voted in favour of yearly review compare to 3.7 million votes in favour of every 2-3 years review.
It was after seeing this article, that Mongo DB fell off it’s 52 weeks high and has stayed lower, so I assumed that could be a factor.




Mongo is one of those stocks that does a large random walk. Up and down, up and down. It tends to trend down until the next earnings call. TTD is similar, although of late with the Amazon news it is on an upswing.

Mongo did not get the same upswing on Amazon news. However, the Mongo Amazon news was hidden for a few minute comments by Amazon in the middle of a presentation that no one but person’s like us would have even paid attention to instead of a large press release sort of event that Green is so good at putting out.



Tinker, thanks for contributing here. I value your opinion greatly.

Per Stock Guru- for what that’s worth- As of today, MongoDB’s float shares is 36.25 Mil. MongoDB’s total shares outstanding is 55.33 Mil. MongoDB’s float percentage of total shares outstanding is 65.52%.
And As of today, MongoDB’s Insider Ownership is at 90%…

Per NASDAQ website. As of today, MongoDB’s Institutional Ownership is 98.81%?
And, As of today, MongoDB’s Short Percentage of Float is 33.00%.
And, Capital World Investors alone owns 6.5 million shares.

I know I should get my numbers from MDB. I went outside heir website today for comparison.

My question is, does this concentration of ownership contribute to the volatility you speak of in this last post here?

Thanks in advance even if you don’t have time to answer.