Mongo down 7% on Mon with low volume / no news?

That’s quite a drop when there isn’t anything going on, or is this something not that unusual for the stock?

Or did I miss some piece of news? I did do a little checking, but didn’t see anything.

I just see that almost all SaaS stocks I own are down in a similar pattern/amount. Given there is no real news, I just consider this being one of the countless swings of volatile high growth stocks.

NEWR, ZS, OKTA, AYS, SQ, TWLO, SHOP, PYPL, CRM … all down 2.5-8%. Feels ugly, but I slowly adapt to those waves of downs and look forward to the positive feelings of the same bunch of stocks going up same or more.

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Pretty much all tech was down yesterday, some companies more than others. Nothing related to AYX specifically.

Or did I miss some piece of news?

China trade FUD

Denny Schlesinger