Mongo Target Raise

* Mongodb Inc : Citigroup raises target price to $155 from $116

Only mentioning this because it is really a large target raise ($39, or 34% of previous target)


Interesting that is coming out so soon before MongoDB announces earnings, as well.

MDB announced this Wednesday, after the market closes.…

long MDB

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And interesting that MDB is down nearly 5% today…go figure.


Certainly wouldn’t read much into the selloff today. The Nasdaq is down and SaaS stocks generally getting hit a bit harder. It does happen from time to time.



I’m not finding anything to explain the approximately 5% share price decrease today, other than a few “news” items regarding jitters over the earnings report set for this week.

As a result, I’m inclined to pick up more shares today unless I find anything of substance to explain it.


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May be wrong but it seems to me a contagion effect, along with most of our SaaS stocks in relation to the Fed threatening Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, as per this Market Watch article:…

May be wrong but it seems to me a contagion effect, along with most of our SaaS stocks in relation to the Fed threatening Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, as per this Market Watch article

Google’s cloud service was down for over four hours yesterday. I’m assuming that’s why the SaaS stocks were hit especially hard.

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pretty good discussion here…


I’m adding to MDB at the open, pre earnings. I know, it’s speculative. But only in the short term.

I might take a hit later in the day, so be it. I might be rewarded, so be it.

What does MDB offer? Who else offers the same? Where is the industry headed?

This is a generational opportunity. Back up the truck.

Tinker? Am I wrong? No matter, I’m all in.

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Additional MDB target updates crossing the transom today, FWIW.

  • KeyBanc Raises MongoDB’s Price Target to $165 From $150, Reiterates Overweight Rating

  • Stifel Nicolaus MongoDB stock price target raised to $155 from $130

  • Canaccord Genuity $160 from $125, reaffirming its buy rating.

  • Monness Crespi Hardt Raises MongoDB’s Price Target to $185 From $150, Reiterates Buy Rating

  • Needham reiterated Buy MongoDB (MDB) rating.

  • Nomura Raises MongoDB’s Price Target to $76 From $70, Reiterates Reduce Rating [N.b.: Up from $63 in March]

  • Instinet Raises MongoDB stock price target to $76 from $70


Kiplin, this is analysts who get paid a fortune on Cloudera after the fact:…

Some still hold out hope, but of what use are they after the fact?

It was not difficult to see when some on this thread cited Cloudera because of valuation. The term I used was something like heck no! But since I don’t get paid my analysis probably meant little to such folk.

I bring this out for context on your question of Mongo being a generational technology.

To that large question I don’t know. What I do know is what I stated on the Tinker forum and that is that “no company with such diversity of customers, such diversity of use cases, in such a diversity of industries, in such a diversity of geographical areas, with so many also rans, grows this fast, this consistently unless their technology is crossing the chasm (in Gorilla speak) the victor in the market.”

Only some disruptive change is going to unseat Mongo. Not just some new competitor doing the same thing but claiming they are a bit better.

As I without hesitation just shook my head at Cloudera so Mongo is the polar opposite on the good side of things.

The reason Mongo has risen so rapidly stick wise is also like the analysts on Cloudera, the analysts on Mongo only acted after the fact as well despite what very much appeared to be a huge winner once Duma and I started kicking around what 4.0 meant to Mongo. It has played out even better than we imagined.

Mongo’s game to do something stupid now. The chairman of the board of directors (confounded of Mongo and already billionaire co founder of Doubleclick) is leaving. His replacement helped develop AWS so it looks like things will remain in good hands w 2 remaining cofounders and what appears to be a spectacular new choice to head the board, along w everything else Mongo has in place.

My Cloudera call was w 100% confidence. Mongo is not w 100% confidence as then things would not be scary enough to maintain a winning investment. But it presently is around 40% of what I own. I have just kept buying it as it goes up. Like I did w SHOP. Other stocks crash more often than Mongo and Shop tend to do.