MongoDB(MDB) Q3 Earnings Report

For those of us who are still in MDB, it looks like they are beginning to accelerate there revenue
 numbers.  I believe this is due to the continued adoption of Atlas (which saw 84% revenue growth!!!):

MDB     Revenue(In millions)     QoQ     YoY
2021Q1  181.6                    6.19    39.37
2021Q2  198.7                    9.41    43.67
2021Q3  227	                 14.24   50.53
**2021Q4G** 239                      5.28    39.7


Now in the 3Q, they guided to 202 million but came in at 227 million, which is a 12% beat.  If we give
them a 10% beat in 4Q, that comes in at 263 million.  That would be 15.8% QoQ and a 53% YoY.
Currently MDB is up >15% afterhours.  I'm still holding and planning on keeping this one around.
I'm going to look over customer growth next to see where they are at.