More doors

Well, I’m up to eight doors I found another gorgeous on me I couldn’t resist. I have sort-of finished that one. Seven to go.

<tragic long story of bad stain(s) and then bad finish deleted> and on one side I have two coats of Tung Oil and two coats of semi-gloss poly, and on the second side I have just two coats of Tung oil. I like the second side better. And that’s partly because I can’t get a smooth coat of poly to save my life. The Tung oil rub looks terrific, so I’m wondering if it’s OK not to bother applying another coat of anything, and whether just putting the doors up with the oil finish is sufficient?

FWIW, I would rather do 3 coats of oil and zero poly; it’s not the extra work (OK, some of it is) but I like the look better.

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Interior doors?

I’m guessing you’re using Minwax Tung Oil or Watco Tung Oil.

I think I’d want more than just 2 coats of Tung oil for doors, as they are going to be touched pretty often.

I’ve used a spray lacquer over Danish oil finishes - that was a fairly easily applied finish that gives additional protection. Brand I used was “Deft clear wood finish” but I think there’s similar product from Minwax.


I bought some tung oil a while back. Reading the directions it said I was supposed to mix it with some citrus solution (sold separately). I haven’t bothered to get the solution yet. It will likely bubble-up to the top of my list eventually.

I was surprised (obviously) about that additional requirement. If I had known, I likely wouldn’t have bought the tung oil at that time. I planned to treat two wood items (e.g. a planter’s bench) on our patio.

Well, just a reminder when using oil based stains, like the watch - fire hazard, spontaneous combustion… Warnings on the labels are not standouts… nearly cost me my garage, if not more, years ago…

On the other hand, they alone, a watch golden oak has stood up great on the remaining bookcase I built back then, too big to fit around the corners or through the doorway or window, I had to open a wall to get it in here… Serving me well…

I put any oily rags in a ziplock with water and detergent before tossing… Safety First!