More LVGO prelim speculation

Speculation on Twitter is that “if” TDOC/LVGO do pre-announce anything this quarter, they will probably do it Monday morning before this conference where Glen and Jason will be presenting that day:

Unlocking the Full Potential of Virtual Care: Teladoc Health & Livongo

Founder of Livongo / CEO of Teladoc / Business Insider -

After announcing the largest merger in healthcare IT and digital health industry history, Teladoc Health CEO Jason Gorevic and Livongo Founder and Executive Chairman Glen Tullman will take the virtual stage together for the first time to discuss the future of virtual care for consumers, employers, payers, and providers. The two will also provide a status report on the merger and share updates on the adoption of the combined offerings.

Long LVGO/TDOC 17%


I see that the conference agenda for the day includes a presentation from Amazon on Alexa’s capabilities in “to help consumers manage medications, book doctor’s appointments, follow their physician’s care plan, and manage their chronic conditions.”

This sounds similar to what LVGO is doing. But I don’t know what that means in terms of impact to TDOC/LVGO in the long term.