TDOC/LVGO on CNBC discussing merger

Just saw a promo from CNBC that an interview with both CEOs is coming up shortly. Stay tuned…

Notes from the CNBC call…

TDOC CEO - (re: merger) Better than duking it out in competition because eventually they were going to converge. Livongo CEO seemed to confirm this thinking later.

LVGO CEO- Opportunity to connect with a company that had shared vision. Global leader in consumer-centric virtual care. Neither of us could do it alone.

LVGO CEO- Consumers don’t want to go to 4 different places. They want to go to one place.

TDOC CEO- Better engagement, higher levels of referrals. Clients have been asking for a single, virtual solution to deliver this kind of care.

LVGO CEO- Many of our clients have told us we need telehealth/teledoc - give us one vendor, one place to do this in a less confusing, less complex way.

TDOC CEO- Executives that have common goals, common vision, common culture, and the businesses are complementary businesses.

LVGO CEO- Livongo delivers a measurable ROI. Looking to make a better consumer experience, better care. Both companies have a very aligned vision. Teladoc has now picked up the best data scientists from Livongo.