More OT pharmacology

Another gift from my pal Pete. This is one of his marketing emails that come on a Sunday so I’m pretty sure it’s not behind a paywall. I’m willing to bet this approval will be touted in the usual sources soon…if it hasn’t already hit the headlines. Anyways, a decent read…if only to give me reasonable confidence that it’s unlikely to be added to my treatment regimen. My hs-CRP has always been less than 1 for as long as it’s been measured …and is now around .2. Another confounder🤔

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Miraculously, the LoDoCo2 study linked in the article isn’t behind a paywall…

A job for my husband when he’s done his other Sunday chores.

P.S…on a brief read through, I would’ve been well qualified for inclusion in this study. Yikes!!🫨

I’d recommend the rat poison first and foremost over this stuff.

Why would that be, since Warfarin (aka “rat poison”) is an anti clotting agent with different indications for use than colchicine?


I use rat poison figuratively. Might explain my tick.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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As in, a throwaway comment because you had nothing to say? Gottit!

Anyhoo, this is kind of interesting in a “new use for old drug…who knew” sorta way. Years ago…as in 2004/2005…there were a series of hugely popular and even more informative threads on the Foolish Collective board called The Cholesterol Plays from a poster edmiller. That was my first introduction to the idea of inflammation and measurement of hs-CRP as a strong predictor (allegedly) of cardiovascular events.

Because it was obviously an investment board, there was also a discussion of potential new drugs in the pipeline. A shame they’re no longer available to see what worked and what hasn’t


I actually do have nothing much to say on this.

Except I wouldn’t which is why I said something.