MouseWars: A Vacation That's Out Of This Wor

The gentle purr of the engine hums as planets, spaceships and asteroids pass by in the surrounding windows. The galactic superstar Gaya dazzles with her songs, capturing the attention of guests and First Order lieutenants alike while colorful alien-inspired cocktails are passed around.

There’s a slight commotion in the corner as a group tries to smuggle Chewbacca off the ship – but the typically watchful stormtroopers seem equally distracted by Gaya’s performance so they fortunately don’t notice the towering fuzzball and his young helpers.

These are some of the sights and sounds for a passenger traveling aboard the Halcyon, the ship at the center of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser resort experience, opening Tuesday, March 1, at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.…

Who notes the average Star Wars fan is probably not going to be able to afford this space cruise but he’d still love to go anyway…

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Five bills for two. What is it for one? Bet it’s ten bills, as I assume the five bill price is based on double occupancy.

Fortunately, I don’t have one of those spiffy suede BSG original series uniforms to wear, so I’ll pass.


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Here’s my favorite part from the article:

“The ship comes with its own lore, which will be shared in comic books and novelizations in the coming months.”

I know this word is thrown around a lot, and no one really knows what it means (at least in certain, goofy contexts), but I’m just going to say it…that is synergy. Of the highest order.

Utilizing this new experience to create more intangible IP is smart; presumably, there will be a series on D+ someday or even a theatrical film (heck, I could see a series where a kid goes to stay at this resort and is then transported into the actual “Wars” world; could be a comedy or even something more serious; if it were done that way, I still would want an actual “Wars” filmed-entertainment content asset created out of it, I should note, wouldn’t want to just do a light, fantastic version). I could also see Pixar churning out some short films surrounding this.

I’m beginning to understand why this is so costly: as stated in the article, this isn’t for the casual fan, but I think the author mostly meant that in the sense that most people won’t want to pay the price. However, maybe this is purposeful on Disney’s part to ensure that only the more fanatical of the “Wars” community invests in the experience, because it seems as if there is no choice but to play along, and if several people don’t, maybe it throws off the rhythm/ambience of the experience for everyone, both guests and employees alike. It just doesn’t sound like a resort where one can relax and do nothing; the price helps to communicate this, perhaps. (Update: just caught the part in the article that states you can choose to do nothing; fair enough, but I am going to leave what I wrote because it still feels as if Disney wants you to engage…perhaps more engagement means higher probability of additional merchandise sales not already included in the high price?)

Hopefully this does well (I’m pretty sure it will, even with the cost, and perhaps not as many guests every year patronizing it…i.e., charge more to service less individuals). I can see all the merchandise coming out of this…action figures, video games, so forth, in addition to the aforementioned novels/comics.

It states in the article that - and if I understand correctly – one can also visit the parks during the experience. I guess you’re taken by some transport to the park and then taken back on the same vehicle - I wonder if this is the truck I saw somewhere online in a news item that shuttles the “Wars” resort visitors back/forth…it’s funny because it is like a delivery truck, but with presumably content inside it on screens to continue the immersion (at least, that’s what the new item assumed).

Really unique asset here, I think. Hope to hear more about it and see videos. I know there was some negative feedback a few weeks back, but I’m cheering it on nevertheless…