MS announces serious? Healthcare Co-Pilots?


When Snowflake announced…”the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud”, Snowflake said…, “healthcare companies (now) have a single, integrated, and cross-cloud data platform that eliminates technical and institutional data silos. This will enable organizations to securely centralize, integrate, and exchange critical and sensitive data at scale. Snowflake ensures high levels of data security and governance, and its built-in capabilities and extended partner network better allow companies to meet compliance requirements and satisfy industry regulations…”.

MicrosoftMS on Tuesday announced new data and artificial intelligence products that aim to help health-care organizations easily access and learn from the mountains of information collected by doctors and hospitals.

The first model, patient timeline, gives clinicians a simple, chronological overview of a patient’s medical history by using generative AI to consolidate information from different unstructured data sources.

You’re able to visually see, immediately, there was a medical encounter here, there was a procedure done here, this is the medication that someone took, and [the clinician’s] able to get a really good picture,” Vaz said.

The second model, called clinical report simplification, allows clinicians to use generative AI to simplify reports full of complex medical terminology into language that patients may understand better. And the final model, radiology insights, aims to help clinicians and radiologists by identifying errors and inconsistencies that can come up across different reports. The model can also offer follow-up recommendations.

Vaz said Microsoft’s new health-care tools within Azure AI will help improve patient experiences and allow clinicians to focus on delivering better care. The new solutions are available in a preview capacity starting Tuesday, Microsoft said.

I’m hoping Snowflake is enabling the use of the more sensitive health information. iMO, Mr Softie isn’t the most reliable partner.




I didn’t want to put too much from this article. … In one post.

My favorite part is this…

Doug King, Chief Information Officer at Northwestern Medicine,

Data is king now within health care, and that goes from everything from understanding what’s happening in the OR, to how many patients are coming in? How many patients are leaving the house or the hospital? And then how can you get them in faster?” he told CNBC in an interview.

He went on to say, ‘Northwestern is still in the process of moving its data into the Fabric system but that the organization is already excited about the potential.

Things are moving pretty fast, faster than I expected anyway.