'A Look Inside The Snowflake/Microsoft Partnership'

This video was published 7 days ago on Snowflake’s youtube channel on November 15. They mention a big customer win that took place for Azure/SNOW. We don’t actually know when it was filmed, but if we assume the largest ever Azure marketplace ‘win’ they booked together took place this quarter, that would be something cool to hear about on the next SNOW earnings call.

From the video (at 5 minute, 38 seconds in):

Tyler Bryson (CVP, US and Health & Public Sector Industries at Microsoft): In fact, I think recently, John, just this last week, we can’t share the details, but we secured the largest Azure Marketplace win in the world, ever, together with Snowflake. So just incredible.

Ryan Green (Snowflake DataCloudNow Host): Congratulations, first and foremost!

John Sapone (SVP, North America Sales at Snowflake): It’s something. It’s a great momentum enabler for us and our two teams together. And the interesting thing about that was I was having a conversation with Tyler later in the day. We had booked that deal early East Coast time, and Tyler had already heard about it, so it was almost like, you know, it’s was a tidal—

Ryan Green (Snowflake DataCloudNow Host): You’re riding the time zones.

John Sapone (SVP, North America Sales at Snowflake): Yes, we’re riding the time zone. And it was like a tidal wave of just excitement throughout both organizations.

Tyler Bryson (CVP, US and Health & Public Sector Industries at Microsoft): And what made that great from our perspective is the friction was reduced. It was, “Hey, this is a customer that’s made this commitment. What other solutions from our partners can we plug in?” And that’s really what we want.


THIS IS FANTASTIC!! Jon, as always, thank you for the finding!!

This shows ACTION behind what we heard on the last call and shortly AFTER the last call. They had said something about Azure not being quite on-par with AWS on the call. After the call, that apparently got Microsoft’s attention as in a conference or something (I forget the details), they mentioned that Azure was stepping up their efforts. Its nice to see confirmation and that it is actually ACTION and not just WORDS.

Again Jon, THANK YOU. You are among the very best at finding little tidbits.


Thanks, @FinallyFoolin

Sharing something else that popped up on twitter today.

The customer anecdote is really nice!

“The customer works on the Snowflake product team for a Fortune 500 company that is piloting Snowflake and anticipates making it generally available next year….The customer expects that once Snowflake becomes generally available, the number of users could increase from ~200 engineering types today to “5000 easily”, including business users, once adopted across the organization…