Maybe this is a bit speculative, but it seems like MTNB is starting to execute on a plan. They announced a shelf offering after the close yesterday priced at $1.10 a share that is to close on 3/19/2019, and this morning the stock is up to $1.32 as I right this. There is a new CFO and CMO there, both with good experience in their past. It just seems to me that this might be a high potential growth opportunity. Read the recent SEC filing.

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give us more. What does MTNB do? What plan are the executing? THe price of the stock is probably the thing i’m least interested in. I want to know about the company and why I should be interested. Lot of smart people here that can help flesh out an investment.



Plenty of detail to do a deep dive with this:…

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There is a lot to digest regarding MAT9001 - this from the SEC filing comparing to AMRN’s Vascepa.

In 2015, we announced results from our head-to-head PK/PD clinical study against Vascepa, a prescription-only ethyl ester formulation of EPA. This was an open-label, cross-over design study conducted in 42 patients with elevated triglyceride levels. Patients were treated for 14 days with MAT9001 or Vascepa, (4 grams/day for both treatment arms), followed by a five-week wash-out period, then crossed over to the other treatment. The main objectives of the study were to measure the relative bioavailability of MAT9001 versus Vascepa as well as effects on triglyceride levels. In this study, we observed statistical superiority of MAT90001 in reducing serum triglycerides, total- and non-HDL-cholesterol, apolipoprotein CIII and PCSK9 levels. MAT9001 was observed to significantly reduce PCSK9 in patients. In this trial, MAT9001 achieved greater median percentage reduction in four of six lipid measures, including total cholesterol, when compared to Vascepa.

We are focusing our initial efforts on developing MAT9001 with an initial indication for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia. If we receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for severe hypertriglyceridemia, we may seek approval for use of MAT9001 in additional indications, including the treatment of patients with mixed dyslipidemia who are already undergoing treatment with a statin, a commonly used class of cholesterol-lowering medications.

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I must say I agree with Matt. This seems like a “Wow! this company sounds great!” kind of post which doesn’t belong here.


It sounds more like a shill post to me. Pump and dump.

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