Muji Interview By Ark

The secrets of what Muji is looking at in big data and companies.

The History of Big Data and the Future of Analytics with Muji

James Wang, ARK
by James Wang, Analyst
December 03, 2020

Key Points From This Episode:
Muji shares a bit about his background in data and how he has watched it evolve.

The challenge today is corralling the different apps and data sources companies use.

How companies used to gather and refine data.

Who provided the software in the 90s, 2000s – Oracle, SAP, IMB, Microsoft,…

Cloud provides nearly unlimited scale capabilities on both storage and compute, which unleashed a new wave of data and analytical tools.

About the demise of Cloudera and Hortonworks.

How Snowflake managed to scale so successfully, from leveraging the cloud to being vendor-neutral and a turnkey service.

Why he believes Snowflake beat Amazon at its own game by building a turnkey solution on great architecture.

How to empower customers with a multi-cloud strategy and variable pricing.

Snowflake’s three layers – a storage tier, scalable compute, and shared services layer.

The frenemies relationship in today’s cloud economy.

Muji talks about the rise of analytics and how Alteryx is making analytics simpler.

Where Muji thinks Snowflake is headed.

Making analytics easier is the key to unlocking value.

Why Muji says traditional valuation metrics aren’t important.

Other companies Muji is paying attention to in the software space.

Muji’s plan for his blog, hhhypergrowth – he wants to help average investors who don’t have the insights understand these platforms better.…