Snowflake can scale upon scale upon scale

Hey all. Been a bit busy with life (catching up on vacations) and new service, and haven’t said hello here enough.

I just published a post on Snowflake, and how I feel they can scale upon scale upon scale.

In particular, focus on the data networking capabilities, and how the new programmability features are enabling Data Services to arise – and even be embedded directly into their platform! (Alteryx, for one, is an early partner, along with many of their competitors like Dataiku and DataRobot…)

The recent shift in language from CEO was subtle, yet potent. He is pitching a story to new customers that is around DATA MODERNIZATION, not transformation. Companies need to go this route of extracting maximum value out of their data. If not, their competition will.

Also, I did a Twitter Space w/ StockNovice a few months ago, where we chatted about Snowflake and I answered a few of his questions. I must have convinced him, as he bought his SNOW position the next day (per his monthly writeup), hehe. If you want to listen, look at 4/20 spaces recording here

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    long SNOW