Musk makes good copy

According to an article in today’s WSJ, Musk says “things are improving”, in fact he says he is welcoming some advertisers back.

Dataminers differ:

ros­ter of ad­ver­tis­ers had fallen nearly 42% since May. Sim­i­lar­web’s data paint an even worse pic­ture: Ac­tivity on Twit­ter’s ad man­ager, a sub­do­main of Twit­ter’s ad plat­form sites that specif­ically hosts those cre­at­ing or mon­i­tor­ing ad cam­paigns, de­clined nearly 74% in Oc­to­ber from a year ear­lier, ac­cord­ing to the firm’s data. In No­vember, vis­its fell 85% on the same ba­sis—the largest ad traf­fic de­cline since Twit­ter’s change of hands.

Wor­ry­ingly, even Twitter’s ag­gres­sive in­cen­tives might not be help­ing. Sim­i­lar­web’s lat­est data show that for the first few days of De­cem­ber, the plat­form’s ad man­ager do­main traf­fic trends have con­tin­ued to de­cline with traf­fic vol­ume now so low it doesn’t even meet the firm’s thresh­old nec­es­sary to track and mea­sure it.

Heads up for Elon: December is a crappy month for advertising anyway, particular the last two weeks. The only things worse are all of January and February. Open that bank account, buddy.

In other Musk news:


Yeah but I have no use for Dave Chappelle either.

Being booed off the Dave Chappelle show says two things…

• Elon Musk is not afraid to take on WOKE
• WOKE is not strong enough to debate Elon Musk

This war is finally going in the right direction.

The Captain


I’m quite sure it was the opposite.

He went on stage expecting to be greeted as Master of the Universe. When he was booed - and loudly - he exited, stage right as quick as Yogi used to.

And I suspect it will be quite a while before we see him in front of an unvetted audience again.

He’s a little boy who thinks he has all the answers. As it turns out, he doesn’t even know the questions.


Where you there to be ‘quite sure?’

What Really Happened with Elon Musk at the Dave Chappelle Show w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 705)

The Captain


The watchword of celebs: “there is no such thing as bad publicity”.



I thought being “woke” was buying an Electric Vehicle, EV.

Now being woke seems to be said any time someone is not sure of anything but worried other human beings will be okay in life.

It is like the guys who want to pay workers, minorities and women, $7.25 as an employer in Alabama. Ask them, they will let you know they are god’s gift.

Musk is used to money buying friends. Life does not work that way.

PS about taking on Woke…people just want a better world…only makes Musk another angry divorcee arguing with people working to be happy, safe and take care of this world and the people in it.


… who cares about some tiny mistakes.


Mastodon is far better. People are moving from Twitter to Mdon by the millions per month.

I watched Musk on the show and the media is making it out to be a real negative experience and I didn’t see that. It seemed pretty light hearted so I’m wondering if the #fakenews is just doing their thing. I heard mixed cheeers and booing and he certainly didn’t get booed off the stage…doc

youtube elon musk dave chapelle at DuckDuckGo


It was definitely mixed, but in the longer versions of the video he was clearly booed off the stage. Chappell tried to incorporate Musk into the act but was never able to, with each attempt being drowned out by boos. Finally Musk just walked off.


Admittedly, I don’t get this whole woke thing.

In my book, being woke (awake, alert, and thinking) beats being asleep (inert, in a stupor, and unthinking) any time.

IMNSHO, the fact that 74 million Americans prefer being sleepy does not bode well for our country.

Musk may have a high IQ, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an idiot.


You shouldn´t talk like this about people who have done you no harm.
Nevertheless, I wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas!


WOKE, in this context, is not sleep related, it’s about America’s favorite subject… and it’s political ramifications…

The Captain


Lately it is just a shorthand for leftist.



During Covid people had time on their hands to meditate. Meditation was a long growing practice globally anyway. Part of meditation is being good in relation to the world. Caring about people you thought you were at odds with in the pettiest of ways. Caring about the larger social issues hoping we all can solve matters like climate change…and a host of other things.

Mocking being woke is playing on people that do not know what it is or barely where it comes from and saying it is a joke.

In other words running for office as if solving problems is the wrong thing to do. Creating anger against “woke” and not explaining you get your campaign funding from big oil…

Meditation can also call it waking up. What it means is stepping back from the rush in life and the pettiness and the greed etc…and finding some value in yourself and your family and friends and how you live your life. To then attend to things in your life with far less of the oppressive nature of how your life had been.


Just for the record, I do understand what certain people are trying to do with the words “being woke.”

However, when you need to explain a 2-word slogan, you’ve chosen ……… poorly.

“Being woke” is the dumbest 2-word slogan since “defund police.” And that one was really, really dumb.

I will continue to mock people who use “being woke.” When someone throws a fat pitch over the plate, I’m swinging.


Also, I wonder what a master of playing with words, like George Carlin, would do with dumb slogans like ‘defund police’ and ‘being woke’.

Man, I miss George. Even on rare occasions when I disagreed with him, he made me laugh.


Defund the police was a dumb slogan, because it isn’t what they wanted to actually accomplish. More like “put some police funds back into social services, where it makes sense to do”. But how do you say something like that in just 2-3 words? Same with “being woke”. Bad slogan? Maybe. But what they are trying to say is valid.

So you can continue to just mock people. Or try to figure out what they are trying to say and accomplish.


WOKE is a bad leftist!

The Captain