Elon Musk admits Twitter ad revenue is down 50%

Could it be that running a social media firm is harder than “rocket science”? What’s ad revenue going to look like by the end of the month?



Threads suck because it is not the way things are done on IG.

I got into one profile with threads where it could have been useful. No one really turned up for a week and the profile pulled its threads. Supposedly you lose your IG as well.

You probably do not lose your IG as well. You can change the handle for your threads to disappear. That is all you need to do. And with that I will do so.

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I saw this article on Vice explaining that Threads combines the worst parts of Instagram and Twitter. {lol}


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I am not even sure where Threads are at this point. The links on the profiles disappeared.

The problem is people are totally talked out. Meaning you can not offer two ways for people to talk on one platform that is somehow completely different and you need to enter through the backdoor. Threads hit 100 million fast but that does not mean 100 million use it. Really it is a flop by most measures.

The hilarious thing is that a year or two ago, everyone (left, middle, right) hated and mistrusted Zuck … even hauled him before Congress … and now? They want him to control all major social media! :joy:


If you have a short memory and talk to a lot of strangers daily it makes facts hard to find.

Do they know Mark Zuckerberg? No so why hate him. Make believe hatred wont last.

They do not know Elon Musk either but he keeps creating a target to hate. BTW with hatred like that it is good for business at Tesla at least. He just needs Twit to offer a better ad launcher. It sucks.

Put Musk into the launcher and send it all into the sun.

Two problems solved.

If he’s saying 50%, you can be sure it’s more. Maybe he and the My Pillow guy can run a joint auction for spare and no longer needed parts?


Whose parts get auctioned first?

I got off the social media grid many years ago… I think we are living in an age where there is just too much information flying around/through us. Missed those peaceful days where all we can think of while chilling by the beach - is nothing.


Ended up looking at the Threads app on my phone. It is there. After 100 million people or whatever signed up…I doubt more than a few million stick. It just does not matter to add another half baked social media.

Is Zuck going to a fragmented approach where he owns most of the fragments?

Possibly, if one happened to be a twa… I mean twit?

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The richest twa in world history.