Musk Meltdown Continues

Elon Musk is suing the law firm that forced him to buy Twitter, who got paid a $90 million commission for closing the deal.

Musk’s logic goes something like this: Only a total moron would have believed that Musk’s legal case even had any hope of ever succeeding. Musk of course had waived due diligence in the purchase and sale agreement, and therefore there was no possible way he could back out. Hence, Twitter didn’t need to pay all that money to a high powered law firm when they could have slipped a hundee to Lionel Hutz to handle this total slam dunk case.

Musk thinks he should get some money back, because it is completely unfair someone get paid that much for fleecing a total rube like himself.


Experts on political leadership point out that anybody with unbridled power for something like 12 - 16 years goes totally batshyte, e.g., Putin.

Unfortunately Elon looks like that profile.

david fb




I can think of one over here who has never even held a job.

Cowards and bullies. Killers with zero merit.

The most important thing illegitimate.

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