My journey following Saul / for those new

“Then again maybe you shouldn’t have anything to do with the stock market at all. This is an issue worth discussing. Because the stock market demands conviction as surely as it victimizes the unconvinced.”

Peter Lynch “One Up On Wall Street”

I’m just listening to Peter Lynch’s classic book on Audible because I’m tired of looking at falling stocks.
My conviction in our growth stocks is strong.
If you are new, I’m sorry you have not yet enjoyed success with this type of growth investing yet.
I almost never post because I am in awe of Saul and the other main contributors to the board.

I think its best to have a handle on David and Tom Gardner’s philosophy of investing in order to be ready to invest along with this board.

Their main principles are 1. do not try to time the market, 2. have a timeframe of at least 3-5 years (at least before expecting a return on invested capital) 3. a selloff is never different this time, growth stocks always come back.
You have to at least believe these 3 things strongly to stay invested during these times.

I have been reading Saul’s MF posts for probably 10 years now.

I have (mostly) followed this board and Saul’s portfolio since at least late 2015.

Before this board I lost my (and my wife’s) entire accounts in 2008 with a FA, lost my entire accounts again in 2012 following a paid service that traded AAPL options and then lost 90% again trying to pick my own stocks. I know it’s a talent.

Starting, yet again, from a very small amount of $ probably helped acclimate me to this board and type of investing, so when my account tripled over a couple of years I was able to keep faith and hang on when it lost 2/3rds of its value in late 2018 before going on from the bottom there to over 20x (at our most recent top) in about 3 years.
All in all, since 2015 from following Saul, I’m up about 13x. An outsized return that also has come with outsized volatility. In my account it says an average portfolio has a volatility index of 10 and my portfolio is around 90!

Hope this was of some help to someone and not just board clutter.
Thanks so much to Saul and all the other board managers.