My Most Recent Deal -

This was just one deal - so I’m in no way saying it’s the norm - because again it’s only one deal.

So I closed on a home - nothing brilliant - the vanilla, 3bed/2.5 bath home in what I call Millennial Mayberry - close to urban employment centers yet still suburban. Asking was $297,000 - I paid $302,000.

Anyway the seller was one of the ‘new’ online companies -I guess they buy a house from the seller and then sell it themselves - it’s the latest in “we can do it online - never mind professionals on the ground” (yes, I’m a fuddy-duddy, I admit it).

Anyhow - the picture CLEARLY shows - no fridge. No range. No washer-dryer. The disclosure that I was shown - CLEARLY says no fridge, no range, no washer dryer. So the inspection period commences…with one day to go, I asked my agent to request a new fridge, range, and washer/dryer, AND to bump the closing date to March 1st (it was originally to be this week) and my agent was like "ok…but it was all disclosed to us about the appliances). I was just taking a shot…my “guess” based NO knowledge was that this wasn’t a small business person, or the homeowner. This is an online company, run by folks with great college degrees, using money that is either some investor’s money or shareholders – I figured they don’t watch the money the way I would, or any investor here would and my guess was they just want to get the business into “this month”.

Get this - they refuse to change the closing date. BUT — I get $2250 credit towards the appliances - PLUS they take a range out of another one of their properties and installed it in mine.

For me - $2250 and a range is darn good news and sure cheers me up.

Summary: If its a big company - I’ll always take a shot - even if there’s no basis. They had every right to say no - but methinks the Chipotle Kid who was fielding the calls didn’t care or didn’t think.

Works for me and I’m just passing it along.


… I’ll always take a shot …

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky

I’ve taken shots on many things. Some have saved me $$$ others were for convenience. The worst they can say is no.


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Hi JLC- long time. (Different Board - and May the Force be with you:)

You are very correct. In my business days we used to always say. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.