My Trip to the Mall

I went to the mall today to buy a pair of Nike Goadome boots for work because they usually go on sale at end of winter and beginning of spring. To my dismay they told me to come back in two weeks. These boots cost $160.00 but can often be found on sale for $99.00.

But as I was leaving I happen to spot a Sketchers shoe store. Because of Saul’s high regards for the stock and me thinking about buying but needing to get some color on who’s actually buying the shoes. Boy did I get a history lesson!!

So a salesperson greeted me and I told him that I came in to get some color on why the stock was doing so well. What was the secret? The polite gentlemen told me that the Sketchers founder actually also founded the La Gear brand which was sold to a Japanese company.

But anyway he said he came from Nike and at first wasnt a believer. But apparently the Sketchers brand is huge in the UK and Japan where only Nike sells more. Basically he said it’s the “old money” that buy that buys the shoes and often because of their lower price often buy 3 or 4 pair at a time. I’m a believer. I have been buying Skyworks, Celgene, and will be looking to buy some Sketchers as my next purchase. Thanks Saul.