Real Life experience

Mostly been lurking here on Saul’s board but have been putting the lessons here to good use. I have been using the 1YPEG spreadsheet as one component of my stock analysis as I went through a pretty major rebalancing of my portfolio over the last two months. Switched from 95% mutual funds to 95% stocks. It has been a fun learning experience and from all the things I have learned on TMF and here on Saul’s board I added INBK, AMBA, and SKX to my portfolio along with some other quality companies.

I wanted to share with you a real life story about Skechers. I was kind of a holdout on this one. It was obvious to me that they were growing but I don’t understand fashion, clothes, shoes, etc… I know that people wear them. I have no idea why they choose one over another. I grew up on a farm where we wore what was practical. For the last 15 years I have been in the Navy and I wear a uniform every day so I never, ever, think about clothes. My wife says it shows on the few times I throw on a set of civilian clothes to run to the store or go out. I digress.

My wife has severe back problems. Several herniated discs brought on by a degenerative bone disease. Everything is painful, even walking. We looked everywhere for shoes that would help her. Finally, a friend of our suggested Skechers. I knew nothing about this company other than the stuff I had heard on this board. We went and bought her a pair about a month ago. Obviously these shoes did not cure my wife’s disease. They did however make walking a much more enjoyable experience. She now has three pairs for herself and she bought a pair for our two kids as well. She told me that I also need to get some and I usually do what my wife tells me as most intelligent men would do.

I bought SKX last week because I was finally able to see how this company was different. I understood all the math and growth and all that. What I didn’t see was why they held a competitive advantage over established companies like Nike, Adidas, etc… Now I do see why their product is superior and how they have the potential to take market share from those giants.

Best of luck to all. Fool on.



It is amazing how much the right shoe can help those with foot or leg problems.

One specific Asics shoe made walking possible for me. Even then I had to add an insole and metatarsal pad. I promptly bought several pair because shoe companies often stop making the good ones. Most people can afford to buy based on style so foot support may not generate that many sales. So she may need those other extras pairs.


I’ve been wearing Skechers for a few years now; I need very flexible soles, and Skechers look decent and don’t injure my feet.

It is surprising how hard it is to find a comfortable shoe that can be worn for “business casual.” Those little flats mostly have to be held on your feet by scrunching up your toes, unless you buy them so tight that they are painful; and most of the women’s soft-soled shoes look like something that should be worn for workouts.

Anyhow, I’ve been tempted to by SKX several times, and it’s on my wish list.

I too have a lot of back trouble and pain. Maybe not so severe as your wife, but it’s significant. I take pain medication on a daily basis. My wife and I just got back from a vacation. Visited my daughter near NYC. Went on to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Ended our travels with a week in DC. Each place involved a lot of walking. Skechers Go Walks were on my feet the entire journey. Now that I’ve returned home to the Seattle area, I’m still wearing the Go Walks.

Long SKX.