My Update to my End of the Month Report

My Update to my End of the Month Report

As you know I gave my end of the month report last Friday at the end of the last full week, but this month there has been such a change in the last three days that I felt I should bring you up to date:

Currently I’m up 64.2% year-to-date, (added 16.5% from Friday’s up 47.7%)

Currently I’m up 202.1% since Jan 1, 2017 (Just over a triple)

Currently the average of the three indexes I usually follow is still down 1.0% year-to-date

Currently, pooling all five indexes, the average is up all of 0.9% year-to-date

Aren’t you glad you didn’t sell out when these guys were saying the market would fall forever? And aren’t you glad you are invested in high growth stocks?