Nailed it!

In 5/2 at 9.64. Have 4 others that are rallying.…

“Whee,”" as the Mogambo Guru used to say. " This trading stuff is easy."

To which, an honest person would say, NOT! because I got my head handed to me the previous day when I failed to reverse my longs on some miners. But today’s gains more than forgave that screwup.

Opps. My bad.

9.64 (5/2) was my price on SMHB. Closed today at 10.58. I’m up 9.75%. My entry on SVOL was (5/2) at 22.28. Closed today at 23.30, putting me up 4.58%.

I was using the same chart template to make my entries.

Those who host these forums claim that “You can’t time the market” and that “Technical Analysis is nonsense”. But the Chinese have a saying,

“Never tell someone something’s impossible who’s already doing it”.

Does TA always work? Fat chance of that, right? no more that Funnymental Analysis always works. But combining the two does enhance one’s odds of making correct bets about the direction of prices. And that’s all this investing/trading stuff really is, just a betting game that’s a closer cousin to gambling than to economics.

Don’t agree? Then lay out your arguments.