Nanoplastics in the carotid artery

This has no need to be accurate to a T.

The evidence is a stark difference between no plastic and some in the carotid.

Last week I bought a metal water bottle for work. I had been bring in a plastic bottle of seltzer each day. I was just in the process of dumping the plastic bottles.

I will return a few dozen Italian seltzer flats to Costco tomorrow. Might as well get my money back.

Even if the results were half or a quarter the mortality rate it would not matter. There is a result that is quite clear.

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I spend the last 2 weeks in Bangkok and Bali and one thing that stood out was no water was bottled in plastic, All bottles in the hotel and workshops were glass. I think this has been standard in Thailand for a while, I never noticed in Bali before but I don’t go that often.

I never buy water as filtered tap is fine. But if you want carbonated water, why not buy a machine instead of buying in consumable formats?

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But you do need to have existing ASCVD, according to the abstract.

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The problem was only studied in the carotid artery but the organs are suspect. That leads to problems we do not know yet that are common sense to avoid.

People with common sense? Who da thunk it?

The organs produce molecules in a more complex way than the carotid. That could lead to findings of cancer later. None of us know how our organs are.