A link between napping and ALZ. Not entirely clear (to me) when naps are beneficial versus a possible sign of ALZ (or, perhaps, contributing to ALZ??).…

A bit alarming because I’ve had to nap a lot the past year because I couldn’t get a full night’s sleep due to my back waking me up after 4-6 hours. Though it’s finally getting better. I often can go 7 hours now, and have been napping less as a result.


“I’ve had to nap a lot the past year because I couldn’t get a full night’s sleep”


If you are napping, the memory tests might interpret a lack of response - or a snore - as an
incorrect answer.

Napping is one of the great joys in life - unless you nap outside and squirrels build a nest
in your hair. Getting the nuts out of your ears can take forever.


More about this study from a different outlet.…

I find the writers from here are a bit better than most of the “science writers” from the various newspapers.

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That was quite a long study. 14 years of clients wearing a watch that monitored inactivity and interpreted it as napping.

I am not sure if I should be concerned or not. Even when I was a younger parent I never had “power naps” because the short duration never seemed to work for me. When the kids were growing up (if I got to nap) it might be about an hour. I do try to take a nap during the day if I am tired. I don’t give myself a time limit because I am retired and am free to do what I want unless I have an appointment. Usually my current naps would be for about 90 minutes and then I would wake on my own. I may have 1-2 naps per week.
I don’t seem to be able to sleep for more than about 6 hours per night. I am not tired when I wake up but may become tired during the day especially if I have a lot of activities.

My mom was very sharp up until about 2 months before she died of breast cancer at age 79. My dad lived a lot longer (91 years) but I dealt with his journey through dementia for about 6 of those years. His days and nights were mixed up and he would nap during the day … every day.

I just pray I live as long as my dad but stay sharp like my mom.


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correlation =/= causation

I have been napping nearly every day since my mid 20s.

peace & whatever gets me through the day

The hubster used to nap for 20, 30 minutes in the late afternoon whenever possible. He called it “recharging his batteries” and felt great after. On the rare occasions I doze off in the daytime, I feel awful after. Like I’ve been drugged.

I have been napping nearly every day since my mid 20s.

That’s a lifelong pattern, not the late-adult years onset that may be associated with dementia.