Hope all is going well…been thinking about you.


Thx, boss!

He takes his meds about half the time (rest of the time I find them in random places where he spat them out and put them…in a shorts pocket, on the floor in any room, in his Depends(!), on his chair or bed.

He’s eating and drinking less. Maybe half as much as before (eg, half a PBJ, 1 egg instead of 2, 1 strip of bacon instead of 2, just a few spoonsful of dinner. If he has a frozen entree for dinner, eats ~ 2/3 of it.

He gets up for the day between 4 and 6am. Was 4:15 today. I just get up and make breakfast whenever he wakes for the day. To be fair, he falls asleep between 5:30 and 6:30pm so gets around 11 hrs of sleep (minus waking 10:30pm-1am to pee).

If he took at least one of his psychoactive drugs with dinner, he goes right back to sleep after midnight-ish pee. Otherwise he stays up quite a while and keeps me up.

Even without full drugs he has a hard time walking from bedroom to den & vv in the morning and late afternoon. Yesterday at 5pm, he sat down on the floor just before we got to the master BR. I had to call the Fire Dept to get him into bed. They said something about full-time help. I said, sorry, but I can barely afford 5 mornings a week. I need the wheelchair back in the house. His Parkinso gait is as bad as mother’s was in her early 90s. And his legs look as frail from muscle wasting and insufficient exercise. (His dementia started along with brain fog, catastrophic weight loss–30 lbs in a month, muscle pain and muscle wasting after taking Lipitor then Crestor.)

After eating 1/2 PBJ and a few sips of decaf for breakfast, he fell asleep in his recliner. I should shower–but d@mmit, it’s 5:40am!! My new stove will be delivered in the 7-10am time frame and aide arrives at 8 or so, depending on traffic. I will finish my Ezekial toast & cottage cheese and coffee first.

Nurse came yesterday. They call w/30 minutes notice when arriving. I don;t even know what day to expect them. I remind her every time that I’m often out in the morning when aides come.