NASDAQ developments in H1 2023

Somewhat interesting article delivered to my inbox (observations from Beth Kindig)

  • NASDAQ posting its strongest first 6-months in the index’s history
  • emphasized textThe majority of the rally was driven by seven stocks: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon, Tesla, Meta, and Google.
  • One outcome of the above was that the NASDAQ was forced by SEC rules to rebalance their tech heavy NASDAQ-100 (The Top 7 went from 55% of the Index to 38%)

Nasdaq Rebalance: What You Need To Know | Seeking Alpha

Just a data-point. Has anyone been paying attention to Upstart (UPST) this year? Wow!


Since mid May selling covered calls on UPST has covered almost all my ordinary expenses but it’s getting pricy.

The Captain

Yep, and can’t wait to get out. Oh, yea, forgot to mention don’t bring up the subject of UPST or the dude that runs the “closed” board will get all upset and leash his goonies on you. Oh, yea, just remembered his name. Saul.