Done seen a divergence, ayup

Interesting divergence in Nasdaq today. Most of the growth names bandied about these parts were flat or slightly up, while Nasdaq was down, led mainly by the mega caps.

Not sure what it means, but it feels kind of nice to see the divergence.

“Tech” is so broad and I have complained before about these lockstep correlations and how most growth stocks seem to fluctuate in step with nasdaq, up or down, but with greater velocity in both directions.

NVIDIA and semis taking it on the chin for a while now, mostly because (likely) I bought SMH.

I appear to be slightly up today. Thought about buying near the open, but want to try and have truly painful prices before I buy more. Ideally, I still want a bounce up, pocket some/most gains, and then have even more of a cash hoard to leverage in a final market capitulation.

Will see.


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It looks like shorting a couple of stocks some weeks ago was the right decision.
Unfortunately I had to cover too early because of the bad timing and the high losses.

This time it might be really different.

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