Navigating the Nat Gas Market

Nat gas is actually more interesting to me than Oil and the fuels it produces. Taking that long weekend trip is mostly optional but heating your home in winter and the very large amount of electricity produced by Nat gas not so much?

Unlike oil that can travel by train (current POTUS said so after he cancelled a pipeline approved by his predecessor) Natural gas rarely has that option. Of course you can’t just build a pipeline on a few weeks notice when supply shortages drive prices to new highs and Europe has to forego vast amounts of their traditional supply?

The plan over many years to build two large land based LNG export facilities in Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) has declined to two floating platforms then got cancelled may suddenly have come back to life?

Of course a large part of the interest is due to a much shorter trip for LNG tankers than coming all the way from Texas?



Gas exporters see growing support for East Coast plant in Canada

Brian Platt, Bloomberg News

Canada’s natural gas companies say there’s growing domestic support for new energy infrastructure to facilitate exports to Europe, even as the country pursues aggressive climate-change targets.

Tim Egan, president of the Canadian Gas Association, said he believes the public is beginning to recognize that boosting exports to countries like Germany is the most significant way Canada will be able to help counteract Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. He cited recent polling that shows widespread approval for a shift in policy.