Need a car?

The Wall Street Journal has an article about how much more vehicles cost in 2022 than in 2020. It’s interactive so best if you can get behind the paywall. (I’m a paid subscriber.)…

New cars up 27%.
Used cars up 33%.
New truck up 16%.
Used truck up 30%.
Lease payments up 8.8%.
Gas up 33%.

They didn’t mention insurance, but that’s also up. In Washington State, the law changed to make it illegal to take credit scores into account when pricing insurance. People with high credit scores (like me) got hit with big increases.


There is still no verifiable information tying credit score to driving record. Never has been.

I sold my car, as I didn’t need it anymore. My home insurance went up 30%, because I lost the bundling discount. Ridiculous. I changed to a different insurance company. For me, home insurance without the 30% bundling discount was about the same as I was paying for both car and home insurance bundled. These bundling discounts are a sales gimmick. Not sure if my car insurance was subsidizing my home insurance, or vice versa.

Last year I paid $600 car + $1400 home.
This year they wanted $2000 home with no car insurance.
I found another insurance company with a much lower price.

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My home insurance went up 30%, because I lost the bundling discount.

I live in an apt, and the 10% discount on auto insurance (when I owned a car) was about the same as a renter’s insurance policy. So, a wash. The rationale is ok, but the math tells the whole story.