Nektar - Where I stand currently.

my actions border on insanity.

You are not insane, Jeff, you are in a biotech stock. It’s just a different reality.


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“I also (as stated here) increased my stake in Nektar on the day my position tanked (and the combined position is still 19% underwater). So what level of insanity (or hopefully inspiration) caused me to toss another chip on the table?”

You can manage your trade. You don’t have to compound your initial purchase by riding down your second purchase. As I mentioned earlier my initial purchase was at 102.49. Because of the price action on last week’s downgrade I doubled up at 52.65 with a stop loss at $50.00. Fortunately the stock has moved up to its current value at 57.86. Now my stop is at the second entry of $52.65. If it should hit I stop out and no harm, no foul for doubling up. If as I had hoped she would drift up or get good news for their pain killing drug I am shrinking my losses as she drifts up. Hopefully she will be the successful drug we hope for and my average of $77.57 will be cheap.


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