Nervokid Portfolio Update - November 2021

Here’s my monthly portfolio update for the month of NOVEMBER 2021

In November, Major Wipeout reported for duty…

Since my October update, I was briefly up again at +105% for the year, and then saw red, a lot of red for most of the following month, bringing the portfolio back to end of August levels, currently at +56% for the year.

I had a LOT of Upstart going into their Q3 earnings report (over 60%). Given the chaos that ensued here on the board following the report, I decided not to add to the confusion, and just kept quiet.

So, what did I do? I took a big hit same as many here, and had most of my shares on a broker that doesn’t trade outside of market hours. When I could, I sold nearly half of my position, rationalizing the hit wasn’t that bad given I’ll get to write most of it off when filing taxes next year. I will probably look to offload some more shares next year, but right now am not in any hurry to do so.

My take on UPST Q3 report is management was always clear about the difficulty of forecasting their business, and warned several times progress wouldn’t be linear. So if this is what a bad quarter looks like for them, where they still beat internal guidance seemingly on every level, rise QoQ, and remain profitable while holding $1B in cash and announcing new products that will increase their TAM… Not too bad. Still can’t see other clearer groundfloor opportunities out there, and the current outlook for Q4 isn’t bad at all. And the LONG term doesn’t look bad either, it will just be bumpy. So, for now, my conviction remains really high, and I’m holding.


Added more Datadog (DDOG), Crowdstrike (CRWD), fuboTV (FUBO) shares.
Also bought calls for UPST, DDOG, FUBO.

About FUBO: I don’t really understand the market reaction to FUBO’s report. I really liked it, here’s a summary I posted when they reported:

As I liked it and things seem to going as planned, and on top FUBO’s stock price took a big hit, I added more and am waiting for the next Qs expecting to see their Sportsbook product begin adding to their revenue.

Opened new positions: (MNDY) and Sea Ltd (SE).

Sold all my Magnite shares (position was under 2%) following their earnings report, conviction was finally gone.


For positions started this year, starting price is where I first bought it.
For companies I was already holding in December, starting price is Dec 31 Close.

**Price 11/26	Starting	Growth**
NET	200.12	        75.99	        163.4%
UPST	209.41	        87.4	        139.6%
DDOG	181.25	        98.44	         84.1%
UCD2	13.6	         8.89	         53.0%
CRWD	232.64	       211.82	          9.8%
MNDY	339.36	       351.99	         -3.6%
SE	296.82	       309.5	         -4.1%
FUBO	21.04	        28	         -24.9%


End of Jan +24.7%
End of Feb +14%
End of Mar -6.9%
End of Apr +0.5%
End of May +6.23%
End of June +29.66%
End of July +30.91%
End of August +56.2%
End of September +73.9%
End of October +96.62%
End of November +56%




**Company	        Ticker	% November	% October**
Upstart	        UPST	   38.2%*	     61.1%
Datadog	        DDOG	   16.5%*	      8.7%
Cloudflare	NET	   11.6%	     11.5%
Voyager Digital	UCD2	    9.5%	      7.5%
Crowdstrike	CRWD	    8.1%	      6.7%
[](	MNDY	    7.9%	       -
fuboTV	        FUBO	    4.8%*	      3.2%
Sea Ltd	        SE	    2.6%	       -
Magnite	        MGNI	     -	              1.3%
Cash		            0.8%	      0.0%

(*) Position made up of shares + calls.
All other positions just shares.

Final Note
This update is pretty short, the reason being I really don’t feel like dwelling too much on this right now, but at the same time didn’t want to skip posting just because things didn’t work out that great this month. Also, hopefully this helps further demonstrate to someone that the board’s method, Saul’s method, just works. I mean, I don’t think I’m a great investor at all, and am up over 50% for the year even though I’ve just experienced a meltdown of my largest position, followed by a red wave swallowing hypergrowth tech positions this month.

Hope you’re all enjoying the Thanksgiving break with your families.
Thanks everybody for the continuous education.

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