Nervokid Portfolio Update - December 2021

Happy New Year, everybody!

Posting this late as I’ve spent the last couple of weeks on holiday, without a laptop. It’s a short update just to wrap up the year, and following this one, might space them out further or go back to lurking.

I’ve finished 2021, my first full year investing, with a small positive balance, following a violent decline from mid-October heights.

2020: +24% (started buying shares in July, started reading this board around October)
2021: +16%

End of Jan +24.7%
End of Feb +14%
End of Mar -6.9%
End of Apr +0.5%
End of May +6.23%
End of June +29.66%
End of July +30.91%
End of August +56.2%
End of September +73.9%
End of October +96.62%
End of November +56%
End of December +16%

I don’t pay that much attention to the indexes, in good as well as in bad times, but late last year, to try and show some friends investing works, built a mock portfolio for them with 18 positions, most of them tech, some of them board favourites, and basically left it alone. At the end of 2021 that portfolio was at +18%, a little bit better than my personal result, which is kind of sad given the time dedicated to this over the year.

The 2 key reasons for my performance in 2021, I think:
1) Upstart overexposure - For good and for bad throughout the second half of the year, my portfolio performance has mostly mirrored Upstart’s stock price movements. At a certain point UPST was over 60% of my portfolio. As I bought a few calls in November and didn’t trim my shares that much on their way down, I am still getting severely punished, but believe this to be momentary.

2) Sell strategy – this is related to the point above, but in general, I feel I haven’t got a good grip on when to trim or exit a position. There have been multiple situations where I’ve seen share prices for companies I hold go up really quickly (too quickly), and didn’t take any action, and then saw them come down to earth again without gaining any advantage. Part of it is influenced by the TMF philosophy of Buy and Hold, period, but it’s becoming abundantly clear it would have been better to sell at least a part. So, for 2022 and beyond, something to work on.

Trimmed Voyager Digital, Crowdstrike, Upstart, in order to reinforce my , Datadog, fuboTV positions. And, later, boosted the Upstart position as well.


For positions started this year, starting price is where I first bought it.
For companies I was already holding in December’20, starting price is Dec 31 Close.

**Price 12/31	Starting	Growth**
**DDOG	178.11	          98.44	         80.9%**
**UPST	151.3	          87.4	         73.1%**
**NET	131.5	          75.99	         73.0%**
**UCD2	11.05	           8.89	         24.3%**
**CRWD	204.75	         211.82	         -3.3%**
**MNDY	308.72	         351.99	        -12.3%**
**SE	223.71	         309.5	        -27.7%**
**FUBO	15.52	          28	        -44.6%**



**Company	       Ticker	% December	% November**
__Upstart *	UPST	    32.4%	  38.2%__
__Datadog *	DDOG	    21.2%	  16.5%__
**[](	MNDY	    14.0%	   7.9%**
**Cloudflare	NET	     9.2%	  11.6%**
__fuboTV *	FUBO	     9.1%	   4.8%__
**Voyager Digital	UCD (VOYG)   7.5%	   9.5%**
**Crowdstrike	CRWD	     4.3%	   8.1%**
**Sea Ltd	        SE	     2.3%	   2.6%**

**Cash		             0.0%          0.8%**

(*) Position made up of shares + calls.
All other positions just shares.

In January already, I’ve sold out of Crowdstrike and Sea Ltd completely, and replaced them with Sentinel One (~2%) and Snowflake (~5%). Most of the relative weight of the other 6 positions holds.

Thanks everybody for one more year of great sharing.


  • Luis