Nest Thermostat and Daylight Savings Time

For the second year in a row, when we have gone to Daylight Savings Time, the history in the Nest App on my phone falls a day behind. Last year a reset at the thermostat seemed to have corrected the problem, but apparently, it isn’t that simple. I’ve done resets at the thermostat, restarting the router, restarting the app on my phone and it remains stubbornly a day behind. It’s nothing terrible, but it is a mystery. Maybe it will eventually self-correct. Anyone have any insights?

My Nest app is showing me history through Monday as always. It will show me Tuesday (today) sometime after midnight when it becomes Wednesday.

Is yours showing you only up to Sunday right now?

Here is what mine is showing right now -

Now (Wednesday morning, around 6AM Eastern Daylight time) It only shows me history through Monday. Normally, it would also show Tuesday now. I really can’t even call it a first world problem. Just a slight annoyance. Apparently, it doesn’t affect everyone. Perhaps when the history that includes Standard time falls out of the 10 day window, it will self-correct. That agrees with about the time it became correct again last year, which I had attributed to the reset of the thermostat.

That’s very odd.

  1. Is your thermostat updated to the latest version?
  2. Is there a setting anywhere for time zone?
  3. What date/time does your thermostat think it is right now? Is AM/PM correct?
  4. Is the nest app up to date? (Android or iPhone? Mine is iPhone in the pic above.)

I don’t know any of the answers, or even how to check them, but I am just guessing.

Thermostat software version is up-to-date.
I am unaware of anywhere to specify time zone.
I think it gets the local time from the internet.
Time is correct on thermostat.
I have not yet figured out a way to check on the app version, but the problem has been around since last year at least, when I participated in a discussion on this issue.

I will wait a couple more days to see if it corrects itself. It was correct by 3/23/2023 for me and several others, which was 11 days after daylight savings time started. So, maybe tomorrow?

Unrelated but similarly amusing. I use a Hubitat home automation hub for controlling lights and stuff around the house. For a few years after I started using it, on the date of the time change, automatic light triggers would fail to turn on that day. Then it was back to normal the next day. I thought it was pretty funny. It must have taken 2+ years for the issue to get resolved…or maybe I was just slow updating my device’s firmware.

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The only thing we use timers for are lights. To avoid the clock change issue, I just set times +/- so many hours from sunset. The Kasa Smart plugs have Sunrise and Sunset times as options. I key in my zip code and all works from that.

I remember my X10 system had sunrise/sunset options!

Well, this morning it is back to normal. So, it would seem based on the past two years, that I can expect the history to be delayed a day until the clock change day falls off of the 10 day history, or the second Thursday after daylight savings time takes effect. It appears that I have no control over that, but it is curious that it doesn’t seem to affect everyone. Seems like that would be something easy for a company the size of Google to analyze and fix, but I won’t hold my breath.


All I have that gave me trouble were the walkway lights, the timer never updated or seemingly was always off an hour or two, finally I gave up, set it to use it’s dusk to dawn sense, leave 'em on all night…

Drip system controller, doesn’t matter if it’s an hour off or not, more an issue is that the plants are getting what they need, long term… I do need to bump up the roses, cut back the porch pots, I noticed…

Our heat/air thermostat is a Honeywell, it’s linked to my WiFi, updates as the web changes, hasn’t been a problem, gives me remote access so I can set a hold when traveling, reset it as we travel home…

New car has a wifi & CarPlay link, so it updates, older F150, Alpine head unit seems oblivious, so I do have to adjust it’s time as I did the old OEM head unit…

A few clocks micro, range all are dummies, need correcting…

I have my lights turn on 45 minutes before Sunset and turn off at 12:01am