NET update - durable object now in public beta

Hi everyone, NET is pushing out their durable objects product into public beta and speaking about “incredible demand and countless unlocked opportunities”

Note the pricing announcement. This should add nicely to recurring revenue very soon.


My favorite paragraph in the above announcement-

Giving developers more for less

Not only are Durable Objects less expensive, they have a unique design that lets you do more than a traditional database layer.

Each Durable Object runs custom code that you write. After your Durable Object makes a request to a downstream API or to our storage API, the value can be cached in-memory for no-cost, low latency lookups.

Unlike major cloud-provider databases, Durable Objects are replicated to multiple distinct regions by default for high availability with no additional cost. With other cloud providers, this feature generally drives up costs - not to mention the increased complexity of self-managing multiple regions.

The above addresses directly my investment thesis. Cloudflare will become the EdgeCloud, doing all but the largest workloads now being done with the Hyperscalers.

This is what rapid innovation looks like😁. Just Wow.