Netanyahu moves ahead with Rafha genocide in defiance of Biden

Fair enough, perspective is everything.

Not really. We fail to get the little men in charge in other nations to respect their people. We then get blamed by the little men.

Perspective is what any of us buy into.

There is a reason for powersharing. That is what I buy into.

If only the little men would just do what we tell them to do.

They would be bigger men. Sarcasm.

It is not a matter of telling them to do anything on our part. That is not what makes them small men.

It is how people around them are treated. The never-ending presidential terms. The fake elections. The violence in the streets.

The British warned the Czar what was going to happen if he did not liberalize how Russians lived. He would not listen. He was all powerful. The all powerful are little men.

Curious question if over 2,000+ Palestinians in administrative detention can also be labelled as Hostages. In that case Israel has many Hostages much before Hamas atrocious action on Oct 7


Were those Palestinians armed when apprehended and assumably fighting?

Or were they at a musical event unarmed dancing as young women?


I have to ask, would you support free elections in each Middle Eastern Country? Would you support legal rights like a bill of rights in each Arab country? Would you support freedom of religion in those rights and honored in the courts in each country?

There seems to be a problem that is not Israel. Israel gets blamed by little men.

That is a good question and not one I was aware of. It looks like they can be detained for 6 months but they have to go before a military judge. Does that seem like a hostage situation? I don’t think so because they went before a judge.

Individuals held in administrative detention must be brought before a military judge within eight days – either of the original detention order or of its extension. The judge may uphold the order, reject it, or shorten the period of detention stipulated in it. Whatever decision the military judge makes, both the detainee and the military commander may appeal it to the Military Court of Appeals, and thereafter, to the High Court of Justice (HCJ). Hearings on administrative detention orders are held in camera, and the judges are permitted to set aside ordinary evidence law. In particular, judges may “accept evidence in the absence of the detainee or their counsel and without disclosing it to them”, if they are convinced that disclosing the evidence may “harm regional security or public security”.



I suggest that is a misnomer. First this has happened years before the Oct 7 incident. Many were detained in West Bank and not in Gaza .

How can a military court be used without a war or violent conflict? Is this a Apartheid situation? Either there is one law for all residents with distinction between citizens and non citizens ( USA) or a second class residents similar to Apartheid. If the second class were forcibly restrained it should be treated as hostages ? See the distinction between Palestinians and Israeli residents…

The large number of Palestinian detainees is primarily the result of separate criminal justice systems Israeli authorities maintain in the occupied territory. The nearly 3 million Palestinians who live in the occupied West Bank, excluding East Jerusalem, are ruled by military law and prosecuted in military courts. By contrast, the nearly half a million Israeli settlers in the West Bank are governed under civil and criminal law and tried in Israeli civil courts.

Not once has any non Israel investigators been permitted to review these detentions. The reporting says over 6,000 are detained
These detentions are over many years likely 2015-2023

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I suggest you read the link I provided. You are making assumptions that do not bear out.



Hamas just this week refused a six-week Cease-Fire because they want to stay in power, have an immediate permanent Cease-Fire and remove all IDF forces immediately or no deal to allowing six weeks of transports into Gaza to feed the children. Hamas refused to provide a list of living hostages. WTH? the very least they can do to move away from continued starvation of the innocent. Hamas refused to stop launching rockets in support of a Cease-Fire. Hamas is culpable in this war that they’ve declared and continue to wage.


An excellent reply!

The Captain

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But none of that is the issue in Gaza.

Hamas could have had free elections all along. They would not be in power. The Gazans could have negotiated a separate country all along.

Instead Hamas has declared war all along. Israel has protected itself all along.

If you want to talk legal rights of the individual you need to start with the power structure. Hamas threw that into chaos and war and not just as of October.

An honest governing power in Gaza from 2006 forward would have worked it out.

Gazans had no rights under Hamas. That was not Israel’s choice.

Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. If you support them do you want to see more Brotherhood wars in several other Arab countries?

Netanyahu has faced several free elections. He is a hater. He sees an enemy and he hates. The Israeli public would have weighted that depending on what the country faced. In war you have to hate to kill.

What Hamas is doing is hating Gazans since 2007. Free elections met by free elections would have changed both country’s leaderships after 2007 and long before 2023.

You can say love and truly hate. You can gamble to win and truly want to be a loser.

I did read and the operative part is not so different. Here is the part that disturbed me

Israel routinely uses administrative detention and has, over the years, placed thousands of Palestinians behind by bars for periods ranging from several months to several years, without charging them, without telling them what they are accused of, and without disclosing the alleged evidence to them or to their lawyers. Some of the detainees were under 18 years of age

Let us leave this discussion as the ‘judge’ having looked at a case is something that seems to a reason in your view to consider this as ‘normal’


What is the source for this quote?

All of the Arab Muslims need to look at something. Is Gaza as bad as Yemen, Syria, Somalia, or Sudan? No. There is a need for free elections and legal rights in the Muslim world. This includes freedom of religion. The violence is because reforms are needed.

I am not getting into this warped debate. My curiosity was West Bank where the land was annexed from Jordan in 1950 and there is no Hamas as the government there.

Aside some points
1 Growth in GDP per person in the West Bank averaged 2.8% a year from 2007 to 2022. The average Gazan became poorer during the same period, with the local economy shrinking by 2.5% a year.
2 Gaza banking, internet, trade etc. are directly controlled by Israel. It has not been allowed a port as is under naval blockade and sole airport was bombed after ex US POTUS Clinton attended the ceremony to inaugurate the Yasser Arafat International Airport in 1998.
3 Israel an advanced economy has received about 300 billion inflation adjusted cumulative assistance from USA

If the local economy and trade can not thrive what will happen?
Did not Marshall plan help Europe?

How can any political process thrive towards positive development under such conditions?


The Palestinians on the West Bank have not reformed their governance either.

There is not much trust in most Arab nations for reforms. There are military strongmen on one side and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other. Neither will resolve things.

For most human beings that is not a warped concept.

Free elections

@buynholdisdead provided this. check

The problem it conflicts with what you cherry-picked.

Your handle comes up as Uzbec. Welcome. There are different expectations in American society of what is consistent with legal rights and free elections.

Part of the Muslim world’s goal is to reclaim the entire area as Muslim. That is garbage. It won’t get any respect in the West and would actually hurt the Muslim world dramatically.

You do know the Quran was written by the Jews? Religious freedom is necessary for all human beings.