OT: The U.S. Finally Realized: Netanyahu Broke an Unbreakable Alliance

Over 15 years, through hubris and rudeness, Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to turn Israel from an ally into a high-maintenance, ongoing crisis whose actions are inconsistent with U.S. interests in the Middle East.


I think that’s a bit of wishful thinking on the part of the author. Israel is still very much an ally of the United States - they’re just an ally that we are having conflicts with. We’re not even yet at the point where Congress will put conditions on our support for that ally, much less even consider cutting it off. So while no one would argue that Netanyahu isn’t straining the patience of the President (and that such will have a negative consequence for U.S.-Israeli relations), that’s a far cry from breaking the alliance.


I am sure this latest move will be helpful


Good cop bad cop.

The Arab Americans need to be under the tent top. But it would be nice if we exported democratic republic reforms to the ME because the Arab nations are the root cause of all of the violence.

Freedom of religion in the ME would be a good start. Free elections? Other legal rights. I guess supporting those in the way is one option? Will they be in America’s way as well?

If Israel was Muslim no one would care. Look at Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia.

Some of us are aware this is a proxy war with Russia.


Israel does not care.

It is not like the Arab voices in their respective leaderships will negotiate for those territories. The Arab voices of Greater Syria do not want anything to do with Israel’s survival. Or Jewish survival except to put them in the poorest of ghettos.

Biden had harsh words for Israel in the State of the Union speech tonight.

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You were listening to some other speech.

Sure - but nothing close to anything that would indicate that Israel is no longer an ally of the U.S. His “harsh words” were mixed with support for Israel’s military campaign. He wants them to wage that military campaign differently, but he’s not voicing any opposition to them continuing the military campaign. As Leap pointed out, that’s not what the progressive flank of the party wants to hear…


Almost by definition, politics won’t please everyone. Bit Biden gave a very strong speech, which should revitalize democrats.


This won’t be a sticking point with most people. It is not in their backyard.

We are going after the Houthi bombing the crap out of them. It is open season again for the Saudis and UAE to go after the Houthis and their oil. No one cares.

If Israel was a Muslim country this would be treated like the wars in Yemen, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia…ignored. Ignored by the Palestinians as well.

There needs to be a radical change in governance in much of the Muslim world. Free elections and legal rights including freedom of religion.

Israel is fighting for freedom of religion.

The US backs Israel in that. The US is fighting a proxy war with Russia in the Middle East.

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I think Israel is worried now that Biden is critical of Israeli leadership, and when Biden states that a two state solution is the only solution that US will work toward. I think the relationship will get even worse when Biden wins his second term.

The are quietly expressing their point of view, which better than screaming and yelling by the M.A.G.A idiots.

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Israel is fighting for only the Jewish religion. They show no care of Arbs/Muslims and their religions. The Haredi are in control.

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You do not understand Jewish culture.

I doubt that very much. I think Israel is entirely, obsessively focused on its own stuff right now. Sure, their diplomatic corps will do what they can to minimize the fallout from what’s happening. But Israeli government policy is going to be 100% driven by the massive, indescribable shock to both their own assessment of their security situation and to their domestic politics. The analog would be half a year after September 11 here in the U.S., when our country (to the extent that any country is a single thing) wasn’t going to give a rat’s patootie what anyone else in the world thought of our pain or our reaction to it. We were going to act in however we felt would be appropriate to the attack - both in terms of what we thought would improve our security and in terms of what reprisals we felt Al Qaeda needed to suffer.

The story that the American left keeps telling itself is that it matters one whit to Israeli’s response to 10/7 what we think they should do. They want to believe that we can shape that response ("we’re America, dammit, so we should be important to them!)…because otherwise there’s nothing that progressives can do, and they don’t want to feel helpless. But Israel hasn’t been less interested in a two-state solution now than they have been in decades - less trusting that a second Palestinian state can peacefully exist next to Israel, especially now while Hamas would certainly be the Founding Fathers of that state.

So, no. “Israel” - the country as a whole - isn’t worried that Biden is critical of Israeli leadership or supportive of a two-state solution. They’re critical of Israeli leadership, and they don’t care a bit that Biden (or the American left) support a two-state solution. They’ll decide for themselves.


I do not believe that the U.S., let alone ANY Middle East country, would agree to a Palestinian state that involved Hamas, now or anytime.

And yet, a Palestinian state is the most likely option for stability in the region.

There are moderate Palestinians who, while they may not like Israel, would accept peaceful coexistence with Israel in exchange for a state.

Having radicals, on both sides, leads to intractability.

So, no. “Israel” - the country as a whole - isn’t worried that Biden is critical of Israeli leadership or supportive of a two-state solution. They’re critical of Israeli leadership, and they don’t care a bit that Biden (or the American left) support a two-state solution. They’ll decide for themselves.

Without U.S. support, the IDF would not be very effective. They should care what we think.


They should be worried and they can not decide for themselves without US support. Israel is a fly spec on the the world order with 90% world upset with their horrendous killing and starvation of Gaza civilians. I can not think of any country that likes what Israelis are doing. It is not equivalent to 9/11 as you like to believe.

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By what measure?

As horrific as 9/11 was, the October 7 attack on Israel killed a far greater proportion of its much smaller population. “This is the equivalent of the U.S. having experienced over 40,000 losses, rather than the 3,000 terrible losses that we sustained in the attacks of 9/11,” said Petraeus.


9/11 was leveraged into police state policies and home, and made up wars abroad. Are we really sure 10/7 isn’t being leveraged into ethnic cleansing?




There are roughly 2 million Palestinians in Gaza. There is another 3 million in the West Bank.

Even if we accept the numbers put out by Hamas at 30,000, then Israel has killed 0.6% of the Palestinians in disputed territories.

I don’t think anyone can intelligently argue that a death rate of less than 1% constitutes “cleansing.”