OT - USA says no to any Israeli ideas about forced relocation of Palestinians out of Gaza or West Bank

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Saturday that the United States fiercely opposes forcibly relocating Gaza residents outside the enclave as Israel resumes its bombardment of Hamas terrorists, or in the days and weeks after the war eventually ends.

In a statement after meeting with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt in Dubai, officials said Ms. Harris rejected the idea of moving Palestinians into Egypt or refugee camps elsewhere and offered her strongest statement to date urging Israel to reduce harm to civilians in its war campaign.

“The vice president reiterated that under no circumstances will the United States permit the forced relocation of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank,” the statement from the White House said.

She also rejected an idea suggested recently by some Israeli officials that the borders of Gaza could shrink after the war is over to accommodate a security “buffer zone” between the interior of Gaza and Israel. The statement said the United States would not permit “the redrawing of the borders of Gaza.”

Ms. Harris delivered the stern comments after a daylong diplomatic blitz with the leaders of four Arab countries in Dubai, where she was attending the United Nations global climate summit known as COP28. Her trip had been announced as climate-related, but she spent far more time meeting and talking with the Arab leaders about the Israel-Hamas war.


The Gazans are not the problem mostly.

The US and Israel know that.

Then stop butchering the Gazan women and children. Israel & IDF will never eliminate Hamas with their random bombing of Refugee Camps, Hospitals, Schools, etc. Israel only seems to know how to bomb the hell out of Gaza.

And stop talking about moving Palestinians out of Gaza and West Bank.



Stop Hamas from hiding within the civilian population. Otherwise, Israel is just attacking the problem at its root cause.


So you are saying it is OK to kill another 20 to 30 K civilians because Israelis can not tell which ones are Hamas fighters. When will the Israelis stop the killing?

I guess you did not understand what Biden, Blinkin and Harris told Israel.

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One answer is when Hamas releases their hostages, stops fighting back and trying to kill them, and surrenders their unlawful control over Gaza.

I understand it’s a bit naive to think that people upset about the killing of Palestinians might pay attention to it, but it is worth recognizing that Hamas is involved in this war as well. They took hostages, and are resisting by force the completely justified efforts to recover those hostages. As the de facto government of Gaza, they invaded Israel and are continuing the hostilities as well. Hamas could stop the killing if they ceased their efforts to fight the Israeli army by force of arms, surrendering their positions (and their hostages, in this case), and give up their (illegal) control of Gaza. That would be the just outcome as well - while there’s plenty of reasons why people criticize the way Israel is fighting Hamas, there’s no real argument that Israel isn’t right to insist that Hamas return their hostages and face justice for murdering so many Israeli civilians, while Hamas has no moral basis for refusing to return those hostages or resisting being held accountable for their crimes.

I know that people who are appalled by the killing in Palestine don’t ask Hamas to do anything different - just the Israelis - because they know that Hamas is a genocidal murderous terrorist organization that can’t be affected by moral suasion. There’s no protests asking Hamas to stop, asking Hamas to lay down their arms, asking Hamas to give up the fight…because those protests would fall on deaf ears. The protests are all against Israel, because even Israel’s fiercest critics implicitly recognize that Israel could be affected by moral suasion, in a way that Hamas never could be.

Still, it’s frustrating to read you rhetorically asking when the killing will stop without at least considering the possibility that Hamas also has the ability to stop the current hostilities.


4/5s of them are not just innocent civilians.

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The establishment is not putting up with this.

Talk about fumbling the ball.

When will the Israelis release the thousands of not charged or convicted prisoners (hostages) in Israeli jails, stop raping women hostages in Israeli jails, and stop the illegal land grabbing and murder by Israeli settlers/IDF in West Bank, and stop Israeli stealing of land/homes in East Jerusalem?

Israeli hands are dirtier than Hamas hands. Both sides continue to commit atrocities.


It’s not a competition. If you’re asking when the fighting will stop, there isn’t just the answer that it will stop when Israel decides stop fighting in response to Hamas’ actions. It can also stop if Hamas decides to stop fighting in response to Israel’s actions. Hamas also has the option to agree to cease hostilities without achieving their current military objectives (ie. to keep their hostages or get something for them, to avoid the consequences of their invasion, to retain power in Gaza).


When your narrative is that the enemy is sub-human, a lot of things happen.


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The difference is since 2007 the saner Israelis have always been in a position to negotiate. Hamas has made the demand there be no Israel only war. Yeah, war is hell. It still is not too late for Hamas to recognize Israel and negotiate. There are still some Hamas leaders alive to negotiate.

When Hamas is next to nothing left at all the saner Palestinian tribal leaders will negotiate with Israel. I hope those leaders demand part of the southern desert and get it to expand Gaza. I get that might take a decade. I also hope the PLO expands on the West Bank through negotiations.

There has always been that chance.

When Gaza was left off for the Palestinians 50k Israelis were demanded out by the Israeli government. Actions can happen.

Painting the Israelis as evil is total crap. Save it for whatever nationality you come from and see how your countrymen like you. This should stand you are insulting a lot of people when you disagree with them over their interests.


When will the Israelis release the thousands of not charged or convicted prisoners (hostages) in Israeli jails, stop raping women hostages in Israeli jails, and stop the illegal land grabbing and murder by Israeli settlers/IDF in West Bank, and stop Israeli stealing of land/homes in East Jerusalem?



That is the one of biggest lies I have heard today! 4/5s of the Palestinians are women and children.

The Hamas militants went back into their apartments with their wives and children. That is about as obvious as the nose on your face.

Who are you to say anyone else is a liar?

Look go back to your countrymen or expats here in the US. Let them know they are evil because that is all you do. See how those guys like it.

It is the same all or nothing the other side must be evil when it comes to climate change. This is your problem not someone else’s because of your crazy morality.

Hamas is crazy.

The Palestinians and Israelis are not evil. adding this is the truth.

That is some sort of crazy kick you are on.

From last month, a poll of Palestinians by the Arab World for Research & Development.

#28 How much do you support the military operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance led by Hamas on October 7th?

59% Extremely support
16% Somewhat support

Of course, 73% believed that Palestine will emerge victorious from the war (#26).



We have the first numbers for Hamas militants dead about 5k out of 15k dead. We still absolutely have to factor in the militants’ family members. Then you are up over 12k in all likelihood.

You state that like women and children can’t be Hamas terrorists.

Hamas woman bomber kills Israelis

Palestinian Presidential Guard unveils its first female fighters - headscarved commandos taking new ground

And there would be a lot less children dead if Hamas did not intentionally use them as human shields. But don’t take my word for it.

# Hamas MP Fathi Hammad


ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, Secretary-General of the United Nations, warned that the situation in the Middle East grew more dire by the hour, with the war in Gaza raging, and risking spiralling throughout the region…
He went on to voice deep alarm over the relentless bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces, the level of civilian casualties and the mounting destruction of entire neighbourhoods, underscoring the importance of protecting civilians in any armed conflict. “Protecting civilians can never mean using them as human shields,”


No I did not. I said 4/5 of the Palestinians are women and children.