New Apple sports app

“We’re not trying to have you spend 30 minutes on the app,” says Apple senior VP of services Eddy Cue. “You can spend five seconds to go look at the score, or you might spend 30 seconds, or you might spend three minutes going play-by-play because it’s the end of the game. It’s all about that. It’s getting you in, giving you what you need, and doing it really quickly.” Even the getting in part will be optional: The Apple TV app will display scores from synced favorite teams in a widget on the iPhone lock screen.

So I can’t say I care much. Is this going to make any of y’all have a better life than before?


Maybe not, but I downloaded it after reading the article, set my teams, and if they come up on the lock screen, even better, I really only follow the MLB Giants, and the NBA Warriors, and the NFL Niners, where I used to have open each app separately, so this will really simplify it, as well as remind me if I’m doing or going somewhere… And, so far, no fees!!

Oops, I’d forgotten to look, but I don’t see the NFL in the ‘Leagues’, or Niners in the Teams, so maybe still some negotiating going on…

Don’t forget the Dallas Cowboys and the Vegas Knights.


Read that the NFL & other leagues will be added as their seasons near… We have hope!!

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How bout dem Texans? 987654321

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In a world where every second counts, the idea of getting quick updates on the things we care about without being pulled away from the moment is appealing. It speaks to a desire for connection without distraction, for being informed without being overwhelmed. For those of us who cherish the thrill of the game but also value our time and focus, these subtle tech enhancements could offer a new way to engage with our interests.

Well, so far the Sports App has been handy, but then I looked to see if I could add it to my CarPlay list of Apps, and it doesn’t show up in the available Apps via Settings/General/CarPlay/Customize, on my iPhone, I guess, like the rest, they have to be written for CarPlay…

I has been handy to check up on our NBA Warriors if I’m off wandering during a game…

Personally, the new apple sports app isn’t very impressive imho…doc