New TTD Ad Campaign…

It underlines TTD’s position on the buy side (“We never steer you toward our own media assets, because we don’t own any”) and its claimed objectivity (“We want you to spend your ad dollars where your data leads you. That allows for transparency in everything we do…”).

So, this does three things, all intelligent:

  1. It equates TTD, a sub 10B company with companies over 850B (GOOG) and 500B (FB). It creates the illusion of a three horse race between three powerhouses. It’s not TTD vs all the other ad-tech companies. It’s TTD vs. Darth Vader and Galactus.

  2. It makes a business case for why TTD is a better deal.

  3. It positions TTD as the good guys. If you put yourself in the shoes of all the people buying ads, who feel bullied by FB and GOOG, this is not a small thing.

Here’s CEO Jeff Green’s blog post, “CEO Launches Media for Humankind”…

That means continuing to clean up the content supply chain and improve transparency. It means applying emerging technology to drive advertising relevance while protecting consumer data and privacy. It means sharing more of our identity tools, providing greater control for consumers and more reliable, profitable revenue streams for great content.

Advertising is driven by emotion. So while the investment community may be more numbers oriented and understandably skeptical, Green is speaking the language of his prospects. The man, the company, the mission all seem authentic and aligned.

And Green’s cause is just. As things stand - where irrelevant ads ruin enjoyment of tv - everyone loses. People watch less, enjoy TV less, companies waste money, other businesses miss out on opportunity… if ever an industry ripe for disruption it’s this one. Motley Fool encourages buying in thirds. I may have to add my 8th third on the recent monstrous decline.

Fool On,